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Offer Bridge in December 2015
In December this bridge you will stay with us for four nights for the price of three four-night stay for 300 euros!
esquina porche arabe Consulting offers
For stays longer than three nights consult our offers or phone 618286260
We deals in high season from 6 nights (except August), average starting LOW 4 nights and from two nights. Consult offers in the 618286260 or
ofertasmalenos September and October OFFERS
The price of the standard room with breakfast and VAT included: 99 euros / nocheel price of the cottage with kitchen from Sunday to Thursday including breakfast and VAT: 129 euros / night. reservations at 618 286 260 or
oferta 7x6 Offer 7 x 6
Cortijo los Malenos provides you offer 7 × 6: Book now ...