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Los Patios are the lifeblood of our Cortijo.

Near the area of ​​the cellar is the courtyard where pink take place throughout Thursday in the summer months a series of flamenco and jazz concerts.

El Patio Rosa call it that because it is painted sienna. It is surrounded by walls that protect us from the wind and allow us to have breakfast outside in the winter months.

The Patio de la Fuente is the square courtyard that give the most spacious rooms: the Bougainvillea, the Cactus, the Algarrobo, and Parra.

In the Patio del Horno the protagonist is the bread oven the old estate. In this courtyard they are entering the room Granada, the Acequia and Higuera.

We recently arranged the Arab porch, ideal in the summer to be very exposed to the breeze from the east which is what cools us in the hottest and protected from the winds blowing west desert months.