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Our Kitchen

Our Gastronomy:


Patio dining in Rosa


We tried to develop a good portion of the products we offer in the breakfast buffet: our sesame and cinnamon cookies, our jams of figs, our pancakes, our seed bread, our fruit sorbets, our jams.

Packed Lunches
We prepare a backpack with chillers for those who do not want to always have a sandwich plates: salads, cold meat made in the farmhouse or hake cake, fruit, bread and drink.

For those not wanting to leave the farm and want to take something, we can offer some things to picar.Hay tables, salads, some cold or hot, scrambled cream, toast and other rations.
The we serve in front of the fireplace on winter nights and pink patio when weather permits in the warmest season.
Should you prefer a more formal dinner, we should tell the cook in the morning and arranged for the night.
Our specialties are fish soup and creams warm in winter vegetables, cold tomato soup, watermelon, salad, moussaka, pie hake, tuna fritá, meat with figs, marinades, fig compote with chocolate or goat cheese tart fruits.

Our kitchen is very simple. We do it with love and the only secret is that we use an excellent olive oil, extra virgin always 100%, products of our garden or some orchards in the area.